It’s no fun to find yourself in the court of public opinion, with suspicious reporters asking unpleasant questions and your online community suddenly becoming an online mob.

Lee Esposito Associates has handled media inquiries for clients after factory fires, executive scandals, and online accusations of illicit activities by community leaders. If you need to stand in front of an investigative reporter, we’ll help you anticipate difficult questions, coach you how to make every answer relate to one of your positive key message points, and guide you on how to provide follow-up information to journalists in a timely manner.

Social media crisis management is about people, not a technical challenges, and we know how to listen to early troublesome commentaries suddenly appearing on your news feed, and craft appropriate replies before the comments become angry and begin to spread.  We’ve had three decades of experience helping organizations shape transparent and authentic messages in real time, and are ready to protect your brand from long-lasting damage when a crisis hits.   

Our Crisis Management services include:

  • Media Interviewing Skills
  • Creating Community Moderation Guidelines
  • Social Media Monitoring