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You want a seasoned team of digital PR and marketing professionals on your side to make the best strategic decisions to keep your message clear and concise. As an accomplished central Ohio-based public relations firm, we understand how to tell your story to the media and reach buyers directly with your brand message.

Meet the Team

Lee Esposito Associates fields a team of public relations and social media strategists who know how to listen, create story opportunities, and enlarge your online footprint to increase engagement and drive sales.

  • Lee Esposito



  • Janet Cooper

    National Media Relations Counsel


  • Robert W. Tobin

    Content Curator


  • Lucas Sigurdson

    Photographer & Social Media Strategist


Lee Esposito

Lee Esposito

The pleasure of life is not only creating something from nothing, but also taking that which already exists and making it better.”

Early in his public relations career, Lee Esposito realized that generating media coverage all comes down to identifying what is new or unique, and packaging the story into a news hook to gain the attention of journalists and writers. He’s been doing just that—successfully—since launching his firm.

Lee earned his bachelor’s degree in photography from Ohio University, and has used his formal education to create an Instagram photographic journal of images he loves, and to celebrate his interests on Pinterest boards. He developed a nose for news by generating media coverage for clients at several public relations agencies, and he created patient care outreach communications programs for a two-hospital healthcare system.

As principal of Lee Esposito Associates, Lee is the driving force behind the firm’s growth and success, as well as providing public relations services to both emerging and established companies.

Janet Cooper

Janet Cooper

Define your own success through life-long learning, innovation and harnessing the power of your fears as a motivation for positive action.

Janet Cooper brings a wealth of talent and experience to Lee Esposito Associates.  With more than 20 years of marketing communications experience, she has helped a wide range of businesses and nonprofit organizations increase awareness of their products, services, and activities. As the media and public relations director for one of the largest family-owned businesses in the country, she shepherded it from a private company to a publicly held entity.

Janet’s career with large advertising firms, corporations, and charitable organizations has centered on marketing communications, with an emphasis on media relations. She is the recipient of a Rocky Mountain Emmy award for public service programming in conjunction with KNXV-TV in Phoenix.  In addition to volunteering with a number of non-profit community organizations, she currently serves on the Digital Communications Committee of the Columbus Arts Marketing Association, and is a member of the Greater Columbus Events Council.

Robert Tobin

Robert Tobin

“Connecting the dots and telling your own unique story is your most important tool as you introduce yourself through highly individualized social media platforms.”

In 2015, Time Magazine selected Robert W. Tobin (robertwtobin) as one of the 50 Instagram photographers to follow in the U.S. and was named a suggested user to follow by Instagram. He is an administrator of the Columbus Instagram group, @igcbus, and was instrumental in creating the first 614 Day in 2014, #614Day2014, a community-wide Instameet held on June 14 to promote Columbus by telling its story through pictures.

Robert helps clients navigate the ever-changing world of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and blogs. His background in design, combined with studies in English and Education, enables him to develop creative and stimulating profiles and integrate social media platforms to enhance our clients’ presence online.

Hashtags he has created include #StoryInASquare, which is now used daily by Instagram photographers around the world to tell their stories, in addition to #CbusCommunityFirst, #igcbus, #CbusPeopleWorthMeeting, #CbusMustSee, and #igcbus_ontheroad.

Lucas Sigurdson

“A beauty of life is the opportunity within it. Cherish each experience and each relationship, and live each day to the fullest.”

As both a photographer and social media strategist, Lucas Sigurdson brings a unique ability to relate to—and engage—online audiences.  In today’s social media and marketing world, in which everyone is competing for attention, he helps organizations and brands find their voice, and have that voice be heard.

Lucas earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Photographic Art at the University of Toledo, and in 2014 was named by Instagram (@oldmansiggy) as a suggested user to follow. His photography has been published and featured online, including the websites Ohio ExploredHuntgram, and Snapfluence. His passion for hearing and sharing stories has led to partnerships with national brands to create successful social media influencer marketing programs. 

As an artist, Lucas is exploring the beauty of the still image through commercial, documentary, narrative, and portrait photography. As a strategist, he is researching, analyzing, and conquering the ever-growing social media world.