Many public relations firms claim to have specialties, but the proof is in the pudding with Lee Esposito Associates. After more than three decades generating media coverage for business-to-business companies and food and beverage businesses, our track record is second to none in successfully pitching stories to journalists and targeted bloggers who are reporting on thought leaders and unique products in niche industries.

For Food and Beverage PR, we draw upon our extensive experience in cooking up brand awareness campaigns, using both traditional and digital public relations strategies to reach and engage consumers, food reporters, and bloggers. We Get the Word Out by mixing together social media influencer campaigns, recipe development outreach, and specialized consumer promotions to build a strong brand awareness across traditional and new media channels. From recipe development to product demos to cooking and recipe contests, LEA generates not only public interest, but helps increase bottom-line sales as well.

Business-to-Business PR

We generate media coverage to reach decision makers in niche industries to help your business increase sales, expand profitability, and remain competitive.
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Food and Beverage PR

We utilize our knowledge of food and beverage-focused public relations and digital marketing to reach industry-specific editors, bloggers & influencers.
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